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PoliScope - Digital Legislative Platform

Latest Developments (11/25/2023):

  1. 1. Interactive Timeline - Explore an interactive timeline of bills and resolutions in San Francisco.
  2. 2. Supervisor Profiles - Detailed pages for each Board of Supervisors member, including voting patterns and stances.
  3. 3. Enhanced Data Integration - Improved amalgamation of data from various sources for a comprehensive view.
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PoliScope aims to make the legislative process more transparent and engaging. It offers a digital window into the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, helping citizens to become more informed and involved.

The platform presents data in a visually intuitive way, allowing users to explore recent resolutions, voting patterns, and politician stances, fostering a better understanding of local governance.

Namie - iOS

Last Updated (09/19/2023):

  1. 1. Notifications - Get the last three notes of a location as you walk-in. Added 15 geofences on app start-up.
  2. 2. Design Update - New UI/UX. Get reminded of streets as you put notes in (temporary).
  3. 3. New "Expand" Feature - Swipe Right to expand notes for a full view. Useful when used with voice feature.
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This app will help you remember the people you frequently bump into. Jot a name down and add a detail about them.

Namie will ping you the last note you wrote down at a location as you get close to it (for those nonchalant glances at your phone before engaging in conversation).

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Stanford Magazine

As the Technical Product Manager at the Alumni Association, I've expanded my role beyond traditional responsibilities. Not only do I shape product strategy and influence key stakeholders, but I also directly contribute to the codebase, uniting leadership with technical acuity.

One significant application of my blended skillset is the online version of our magazine. I've been instrumental in optimizing the front-end experience for our alumni community while simultaneously directing the strategic course of our product development.

My role seamlessly merges Quality Assurance (QA), DevOps, and product roadmap management. I thrive in balancing design aesthetics and technical functionalities, maintaining a diverse product portfolio in sync with our long-term vision.

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